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This fabric flower with quirky stem detail is hand made by me and can be worn as a corsage or hung on the wall ( which is what I like to do). The flowers are made out of very old fabrics – mostly old patchwork quilt pieces or fabrics that have been unpicked from quilts. These fabrics are shabby and fraying and this is intentional. There may be the odd piece of thread hanging off and the fabrics will continue to fray with heavy useThe colours are white, cream with red and pink .The petals and centre have been gathered together loosely and there is an old button detail in the middle. The stem is a stripey fabric which has been hand rolled and stuffed. This stem makes is stand out from all the other corsages you will find. Every flower I make is unique and unrepeatable and a little work of art which is why I like to display them on a wall when they are not being worn. The flower has a brooch back attached to the back so it is easy to pin on to a garment. The flower measures approx. 12cm in diameter and the stem measures aprox. 18cm. The flower will be sent to you in a jiffy bag. Please Note: While I have tried my very best to accurately represent the colors in my photographs, please keep in mind that the appearance of colors may vary from monitor to monitor as well as sometimes appearing a bit brighter or richer, or sometimes appearing a bit more muted and washed out then they actually are.