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  1. Posted by HufflepuffCharity, — Reply

    I uh. I accidentally broke my now best friend's leg by um..knocking on of the bookcases in the library on top of her at school.. (She was fine! She only had a cast on for a few months and i apologized multiple times. We now laugh when we talk about how stupid i was acting)

  2. Posted by Mahee678, — Reply

    In dramatic real life I think that when someone hits or punches their best friend they fall in love In most of the movies and real life we hav seen this 🤣🤣

  3. Posted by AKgirl_inthis_bigbigworld, — Reply

    You guys being like “ why is Emma eating a strawberry with a FORK” and I’m like “ It’s a dinglehopper 😉 “ And I ship Dramione and I love dis post

  4. Posted by kneuvean, — Reply

    How to find your best friend you punch them in the face of course

  5. Posted by CursedTiger3456, — Reply

    I don’t either.. sorry Dramione shippers, but it doesn’t seem right for them...

  6. Posted by alliegroves1381, — Reply

    I mean yeah my best friend slapped me cause I was talking shit about myself so

  7. Posted by pbnj0828, — Reply

    I loved you ever since you broke your slate over my head in school

  8. Posted by emilys_p, — Reply

    How do u become friends when with that person when they punched u in the face

  9. Posted by emilygrbrown, — Reply

    One time Hermione punched me in the face.... it was awesome

  10. Posted by aubreylovesbasketball08, — Reply

    Actually watching again the series again for the 2nd time this year! It is amazing

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