This is how you scare hippos off



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    That river cruise was one of the best things in the park. Especially when you dont know what to expect when getting on. Our guide, a girl, was so damn sarcastic. It was brilliant

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    I went on that ride and there was a guy there that was really funny like that. Except he was more sarcastic and nonchalant. I loved that guy 😂

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    He's really funny but their laughs are so fake. Him: I LOVE YOOOUUUUU I WANT A COMMITMENT!!!! Them: *look at each other* Ahahahahaha. Edit: Ik it's not a big deal but thanks for 50+ likes :D my ego has been greatly boosted.

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    I went on the Disneyland Jungle Cruise when Frozen was a peak popularity. When we went behind the falls our skipper said “this is the only thing in the park that isn’t frozen.”

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    My brothers girlfriend is a skipper on a cruise in Disney World and my parents went to visit them and they went on the ride with my brother and she was talking about Thanksgiving with her boyfriend and she goes "Just kidding I don't have a boyfriend" and looks straight at my brother😂😂

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    Random shout out to Carl! This isn't him but Carl is the best Jungle Cruise guide my family has ever had. He's great. I hope he's doing well.

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    when i went on the lady made a comment about “disney, the best place on earth, where you can pay a dollar for a crushed up penny” 😂😂(you know those machines where you put money in and it gives you that souvenir token thingy)

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    My brother did this to his gf and he kept fucking screaming I love you even though they weren’t breaking up he was just saying that for a weird damn reason and I was in bed tryna sleep bc it’s late

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    I went and and we had skipper molly. This is what she said “ so my mom called me into the kitchen and said ‘skipper molly, and I said, yes skipper mom, ‘you have to get a real job or else I’ll feed you yo a crazy cannibal Indian’ you know kind of like the one we’re coming up too now.

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