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  1. Posted by xpunkrockyugo, — Reply

    My mom actually taught me how- probably because I’d been having panic attacks about taxes for a long time beforehand

  2. Posted by silverfern19520, — Reply

    Both my school and my parents taught me how to do taxes. A lot of kids who skipped the personal finance class keep complaining about how they where never taught stuff like this. I said the school tried to teach you, but you where too busy skipping class because hey schools useless

  3. Posted by dcalejohnson, — Reply

    Public school taught me squat other than that life sucks and that I'm in for the roller coaster known as life

  4. Posted by SirMumble, — Reply

    IRS: interesting Young adults not doing taxes: nervous laughing... I'm in danger

  5. Posted by chitchens0660, — Reply

    The Indian guy taught him probably

  6. Posted by eelanahb, — Reply

    My mom is actually teaching me that right now so 😂🤷‍♀️

  7. Posted by mom__tommomtom, — Reply

    what are schools even for

  8. Posted by msmwkc, — Reply

    Thank god for the internet.

  9. Posted by IcyHot_45, — Reply

    Is this a new MEME FORMAT

  10. Posted by iaki0321, — Reply


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