The Most Authentic Mexican Guacamole Recipe - My Latina Table


Click through now to learn how to make authentic Mexican Guacamole using fresh ingredients + bonus tips for keeping guacamole from turning brown.


  1. Posted by pepperspickled, — Reply

    Cut the amount of onion down to half. This was super oniony but good otherwise. I used parsley instead of cilantro and that worked out well.

  2. Posted by kwilk83, — Reply

    I could not get to read your recipe due to excessive ads!! Too bad because your site seems to have some nice recipes. I will never purchase this anything from these advertisers.

  3. Posted by heatherdewald, — Reply

    Very good and nice and light! Next time we will leave a few of the jalapeno seeds in as there wasn't any quick without them! A definate recipe we will keep and make again!

  4. Posted by janet_stillman, — Reply

    I would love for this site to load all the way without the ads hanging it up. Maybe it's only me, but it keeps freezing up .. is it only me? Seems like a lot of ads that use flash.

  5. Posted by moonlindley, — Reply

    Lots of onion! I would half the amount suggested. I used a tablespoon of already chopped cilantro since I couldn't find the amount in the recipe. Yummy!!

  6. Posted by taytay634, — Reply

    Followed the recipe exactly, and it was great! I like a little more lime in mine, so I added almost a whole lime-worth of juice.

  7. Posted by emilyreppun, — Reply

    Literally could not find the recipe on this page... tried to clear like 15 ads but then it was just an essay about guacamole?

  8. Posted by danacornell, — Reply

    Couldn't even get the site to scroll down. Someone else complained of all the ads making it frustrating to get to recipe. I couldn't even get it to scroll at all to even see any ads let alone the recipe. Shame that Latina Table has gone so commercial. Going to lose followers and/or interest. I know I'm not interested any longer.

  9. Posted by beachyread, — Reply

    Had to add more salt than anticipated. Only used 1/4 jalapeño and not as much onion as directed. Used almost 1 whole lime.

  10. Posted by jufaison, — Reply

    Loved it!! I didn’t add as much onion. Didn’t really measure anything just added. Will be making over and over. 😋

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