OFF THE GRID is the Art to Wear Vest Sewing Pattern YOU NEED for Fall!


It's a beautiful Fall day here in the Foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range.You need to be on TOP of your game today! Make my Off The Grid Vest and you will be ready for anything! You will feel IN CHARGE, TALLER, and THINNER! Email me directly at: [email protected] to order OFF THE GRID…


  1. Posted by peggycummings783, — Reply

    Are you kidding ? I just turned 60 and retired a year ago , FUCK going to bed at nine !!! What a Turkey !!! LMAO !

  2. Posted by lisettemarie24, — Reply

    If 60 was the new 40 then we would have an average life time of’s more like 45ish

  3. Posted by lmonb612, — Reply

    😄😄9pm is the new midnight! I been feeln like that for a while now.

  4. Posted by pinewaves, — Reply

    It's called a JOKE, duh

  5. Posted by perkinsmollie39, — Reply

    This makes no sense 😂

  6. Posted by dlc123xyz, — Reply

    You have to be older to get this one 😆

  7. Posted by tRumpsanidiot, — Reply

    C’mon, it’s Ten O’Clock, Ten.

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