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  1. Posted by jennigabriel, — Reply

    Sydney! That’s exactly what I was going to say! A BFing mom is going to see this and think she’s not giving her baby enough and in turn is going to over feed from the bottle and baby won’t want to nurse from her!

  2. Posted by tjbergsten, — Reply

    Every baby is different! If you’re unsure check in with a breast feeding clinic. Most hospitals have them now or can direct you to one. (Ours was free) My baby breast fed and was eating 3 to 4oz her first week! While the breast clinic said it was more than average it was also perfectly healthy! As long as your baby is in a healthy weight range and getting an appropriate amount of wet diapers you’re doing great!

  3. Posted by sydmthomas, — Reply

    Lies! That’s over feeding

  4. Posted by TimmiOfficial, — Reply

    useful tip!

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