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  1. Posted by anbarfield, — Reply

    Hello! Would anyone be interested in drawing an OC for me? If you did, I would repay you by making one pin for you of whatever you like, or a video pin! (I have a business account)

  2. Posted by Tweetsycat, — Reply

    GUYS LISTEN. so Imove was popular when it came out right. So a lot of kids tried it. If you tried it when you were a kid, that’s technically using drugs. Prove me wrong iMovie is drugs

  3. Posted by takemesatan, — Reply

    I've only ever accidentally stolen and drank, but beer is gross and the can looked like lemonade and i forgot i had the money when i left because my friend stole it

  4. Posted by MidnightEdits, — Reply

    Uhm hey! This isn’t self promo, I don’t really want any followers unless they want to follow me, but I have a new board! It’s a art challenges board where every week a new challenge will be posted! Special challenges will also be posted from time to time! It’s a thing to help artists with certain things. Dm me if you want to join!

  5. Posted by FloweyThePacifistFlower, — Reply

    Hi! If your bored out of your mind because of quarantine why not join an art competition? Reply if you are interested in joining!

  6. Posted by SKYRAISINS, — Reply

    ... Kay, so what if I don't steal from stores or anything, but I steal food from my friends, does that count? XD

  7. Posted by pastel_pixl, — Reply

    Well guess imma demon ( Horns Fangs White wings Stripes Piercings Freckles Blue eyes Short unnatural hair )

  8. Posted by killersanslovesknifes, — Reply

    when i started making the shirt it looked like a full on anime person- im not good at drawing anime.

  9. Posted by elenipanagod, — Reply

    I can't wait to see a full damn demon in the photos. Not me, but I would like to tbh.

  10. Posted by f43rless, — Reply

    sniffing chalk counts as a drug?

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