Henna Tattoo Paste Cone


Whether you're looking to enhance your artistic skills or decorate yourself for personal or professional use, Indian Mehndi Henna Tattoo Paste Cone is just wha


  1. Posted by rexlippold, — Reply

    It leaves the design on the hand after washing it off is really awesome, I want to do this on someone but everyone I know is to impatient to sit that long, I guess I could do it on myself, wash it of and hope No one knows it's a design for women LOL. It's really appealing to me as an artist and a lettering designer.

  2. Posted by aman_khinda, — Reply

    Give credit to the artist and stop stealing people's work! So damn annoying. The artist is @aroosa_shahid on Instagram.

  3. Posted by gbsalonbrisbane23, — Reply

    Nice video ! henna tattoo in brisbane ! https://www.gbsalon.com.au/henna-tattoo-for-events-in-brisbane/

  4. Posted by littleblueo3oem, — Reply

    You make a fist and its ruined

  5. Posted by Dalek0Zealot, — Reply

    Now live the rest of your life with one hand.

  6. Posted by aakifmu1, — Reply

    Maa Sha Allah 😎 its amazing 🤩India 🇮🇳 kerala

  7. Posted by elizavetapilipenko195, — Reply

    Что это?

  8. Posted by arslanhamza518, — Reply


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