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  1. Posted by Ch4rC0l3, — Reply

    That awkward moment when they used a picture of somebody reciting the Girl Scout promise and you know all of it: 🤭

  2. Posted by gmrisfun, — Reply

    I’m tempted to send this to my bff but we like each other so um yeah I’m not too sure how she would respond

  3. Posted by inthebathroombymyself, — Reply

    Or actually be them...

  4. Posted by elenafremont, — Reply


  5. Posted by lezbianlizard, — Reply

    As your best friend, I will become your lesbian lover. That’s the sentence.

  6. Posted by ShellyH_ihateducks, — Reply

    I’ve read enough fanfic to know where this is going

  7. Posted by gracedickinson06, — Reply

    your name is GOLD

  8. Posted by koo_koo_karoo, — Reply

    Or not pretend

  9. Posted by BetulaceaeTopiary, — Reply

    My best friend and I did this and we ended up dating for real

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