Fairytales Come To Life At This Whimsical Wedding


The Inn at Fernbrook Farms is a gorgeous location and the perfect backdrop for this magical wedding day.


  1. Posted by londonweddingphotographer, — Reply

    Love the drape on the tree! First time I’ve ever seen this before. Beautiful!

  2. Posted by dayrichard3848, — Reply

    See you don’t need million dollar weddings for it to be beautiful

  3. Posted by kristieokeefe, — Reply

    I got married here! 😍

  4. Posted by oliviaganoe, — Reply

    I couldnt do it, its pretty, but not centered.

  5. Posted by hari1744, — Reply

    The scenery looks so simple yet beautiful <3 😄

  6. Posted by allysonhuggard, — Reply

    They rly do be standing far apart😂😂

  7. Posted by layne_89, — Reply

    That is pure beauty 😍

  8. Posted by hoteloftheday, — Reply

    good stuff! ♥

  9. Posted by video_boda, — Reply


  10. Posted by kyra554stofltsu, — Reply

    nice pic

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