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Getting your body tatted with beautiful illustrations, delicate and intricate images, and deep meaning quotes is gradually becoming a norm. The tattoo has transformed into body art and is no more considered a taboo. There are hundreds of thousands of tattoo buffs around the world. While there are people who love to have only one body tag , there are fanatics with multiple areas tatted. A tattoo is not just a tag on the body or an accessory to flaunt; it has some depth. A tattoo wrapped around your arm, or traveling from shoulder to back or onto the chest, speaks about you. The tattoo you wear is an insight into your personality. It not only depicts your aesthetic sense but who you are as a person. Your tattoo gives a hint about your perception and approach towards life. Some of you may like to keep your tattoo secretive; others may love to flaunt. You may get an image tatted to demonstrate your hidden traits or may opt for something inspirational. You may be thinking to get your first image inked on the body or looking for a new spot. One place that best fits small and big tattoos alike is the “Shoulder.” Hide your tag or glorify it, you have the liberty. If you are interested in covering this area of your body with some amazing designs, give this article a read. Shoulder is one of the sexiest part of your body. And what can we do to make it more attractive? The answer is shoulder tattoo. If you get the gorgeous tattoo on your shoulder, then you can express your attitude and show your beauty out easily. The floral shoulder tattoo is such an excellent choice if you do not have any ideas about what image to tattoo. You can have a large floral tattoo on your shoulder, or you can also have a small tattoo, just a simple branch of flowers. And the type of flowers, you have so many choices. Just choose the flowers you like and then get tattooed. Shoulder –The Best Place to Get a Tattoo Your body is your possession; it’s up to you how you want to adorn it. But, not all parts of your body are ideal for getting an image inked. A tricky question that often pops up before tattoo lovers is about the placement of the tattoo. Will my tattoo look amazing on the wrist, or coiled around the knuckle? Should I wear my next tag on the back or carry it on the rib cage? Or get a tattoo pierced on the ear? A prime location that tattoo buffs often seek is the Shoulder. It covers a relatively large area from the shoulder blade on the back to the spot just beneath the collar bone. You may have come across the thought about the longevity of the tattoo. The area around the shoulders usually not change with age or pregnancy. Hence, shoulder tattoos have a long life. The tattoo traveling from your shoulder to the back won’t easily fade or stretch with time. Since shoulders comprise an extensive area, it gives you the liberty to get big pieces engraved. However, you may settle with a small delicate design too. Shoulder tattoos allow you to experiment and be more creative. If your tag is close to your heart and you want to hide it, a t-shirt is all you need to cover. But, if you love admiration and want people to appreciate the brilliant shoulder piece, go for a tank top. Hide your tag or glorify it, the choice is yours. Are Shoulder Tattoos Gender Specific? Your body is a canvas, to make it look beautiful you can paint it with different colors. Adorn it with scarifications, piercings, or tattoos. You can do wonders with your body with the help of tattoos. Both men and women love to décor their bodies with tattoos. The placement of tattoos is likely to have a traditional masculine or feminine connotation. For instance, women don’t prefer facial tattoos as much as men. Similarly, it’s rare to see a  tattoo on the lower back of a man. But remember, it’s your body, your rules. Despite the gender specification, shoulders are considered to be a universal location for a body tag in either gender. Some symbols are also gender-specific.  Women tend to wear tattoos associated with healthiness or fertility. “Feminine” tattoo symbols popular among women include flowers, butterflies, or cherry blossoms, etc. Masculine tattoos mostly portray strength, stamina, and virility. Men like to adorn the body with the symbol of victories, a successful hunting adventure, or ranking in the social order. One of those who love to show how tough you are, a shoulder tattoo is the best spot. Gorgeous Shoulder Tattoos To Flaunt There is a plethora of designs, colors, and sizes to choose from for your shoulder piece. There are striking illustrations big and small, for both men and women. You may assimilate quotes, lions, dragons, flora, or angels on your shoulder –get the eyeballs rolling. Are you looking for some cool, trendy, and funky ideas for your shoulder pieces? We dedicate this part of the article to you. Ink your Shoulder with a Startling Mandala A mandala never goes out of fashion when it comes to getting a body part tatted. Mandala is a circular figure used to represent the universe in Hinduism and Buddhism. This circular piece resides well on the shoulder cap and earns praise for you.  A mandala helps to build a deep relation with man, nature, and spirit. You can experiment with the design and colors within the mandala. A half-circled mandala on the back with the center placed around the armpit, or one wrapped around the shoulder blade.How about a floral mandala in black or gray? Or a mandala enclosed by a sun? Let A Bird Sit On The Shoulder Birds embody nature. They are a symbol of love, elegance, beauty, and freedom. Each bird has a distinct trait. You may aspire to adopt one or the other quality of a bird. Having a bird tatted on the body is common in both men and women. The choice of bird may differ based on one gender. If you are a woman who likes delicate designs, you can opt for a flock to feature on the shoulder. Small birds flying in a linear direction from shoulder to the neck nape will look ethereal. Use of blank ink will enhance beauty. You may even picture a silhouette of a birds’ flock on the left side of chest around your collar bone. Men also adorn their skins with bird tattoos. Besides eagle, rooster and crow tattoos are also popular among men. A rooster is symbolic of luck, fortitude, protection, and fidelity. Roosters are said to be bossy creatures, not always in a negative light. A demonic black and gray rooster on the shoulder will look iconic. Dark-outlined feathers with detailing stark out the image. Embrace a Loving Memory Your tattoo may be more than a decorative material for the body. Your tattoo may mean the world to you. It may be a reminder of a beautiful time spent with a loved one. A memory that retained even when the person is gone. You may paint a small image of your puppy who passed away on your shoulder. Or may get your spouse’s name engraved on the flat pane of your shoulder. A line from the lullaby your mother used to sing for you, or a quote your father often repeated. A heart outlined with black ink,  with your granny’s death date engraved in the center. Adorn your Skin with a Stunning Flower Design Floral designs are a popular choice for shoulder pieces. There are thousands of species of flowers in nature with mesmerizing colors and fragrances. The plethora of flowers provide thousands of ideas for tattoo lovers. From rose to daisies, sunflowers to tulips, and large hibiscus. Rose is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. You may opt for a bud, or a full bloomed rose. Wear a simple rose outline on the bicep, or go for a vibrant bunch covering the shoulder. A dark rose firmly sitting on the shoulder can also look stunning. Sunflower tattoos are also “in.” You will love to have a sunflower with its head on the shoulder cap and leaves floating below the collar bone. The image will come alive with skillful coloring and shading techniques. Daisies depicted in black and gray or a tulip painted on the shoulder’s socket may be pleasing to eyes. Experimenting with different colors and combining different flowers in a bouquet will also have a vibrant feel. How about adorning your shoulder with a scintillating full-bloom fuchsia hibiscus? The popping color, the inky tendrils, and mini flowers, all together make an incredible tattoo. The Bottom Line You govern your body, and only your rules should apply to it. Which part of the body you want to adorn must be your decision. Though not all parts are perfect for a long lasting tattoo, your shoulder is the prime spot. Let a small butterfly frolic on your shoulder, or opt for an incredible elephant. Shoulder tattoos give you the liberty to show off your creativity. Choose the best design and then let the art do the job –grabbing the onlookers’ attention. Share This3.6KShares