Comment DESSERTS ARE GOOD with your eyes closed!!💥



  1. Posted by jennifer_sabri, — Reply

    Americano se acha foda até em "descobrir" o brigadeiro kkkkkk creio que seja um roubo de receita hein? Portugueses roubaram o Pau-Brasil, americanos roubam o brigadeiro

  2. Posted by chloed10231007, — Reply

    Desserts are good, ok so here is a fact about me. I got this right and I can remember all of the words on the keyboard-thingy with my eyes closed😂☺️

  3. Posted by misaaki_1, — Reply

    Silêncio os gringos estão descobrindo brigadeiro e beijinho. Vocês passam tanto pano pra gringo e eles são mais burros que nós (não é só por causa dessa receita mas por outras coisas também)

  4. Posted by mvllpz2006, — Reply

    They didn’t mention what the dessert is called but it’s brigadeiro. It’a this Brazilian chocolate truffle. They are very common at birthdays btw haha

  5. Posted by evangelineksmith, — Reply

    These are called brigadero. They are a Brazilian chocolate truffle. But the only ones that are a thing are the chocolate(the most traditional) and the coconut. The other ones they made up. Brigadero.

  6. Posted by sylviehoye, — Reply

    Okay I’m going to try to write desserts with my eyes closed, I think I’ll be good at this: Donut vand ctsnd did suhat

  7. Posted by alexahacault6, — Reply

    Deserts are good.. j. Still typing with my eyes closed so j hope j get it all right ok now I will try to wriye a smiley face ok wish me luck.... :( ok I will open my eyes and see in 3.. 2 . 1... omg lol I did a sad face but pretty good :0

  8. Posted by UsaTsukin, — Reply

    Desserts é minha pika, o nome disso é brigadeiro. Se for fazer nosso doce, chama certo pelo menos.

  9. Posted by cpoppienops, — Reply

    Desseetd are giid Dessertd are giid Desserts are jood Dessertd are hood Desdertd are gokd Desseers are hoof I don't got time for this...

  10. Posted by lucia82504, — Reply

    @ ThickShizshortie Desserts are good. OH MY GOD I DID IT WITH MY EYES CLOSED ON THE FIRST TRY!!! WRITING FINALLY PAYS OFF!!! 😃😃😃😃

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