Box Grater Towel Rack + A Touch of Farmhouse Charm - Bless'er House


A repurposed antique box grater towel rack plus more DIY project ideas for a farmhouse style home from the book A Touch of Farmhouse Charm.


  1. Posted by mrscarrie114, — Reply

    I did this in my kitchen with flowers tucked in top. I have 5 children.. And a husband..and a father in law.. No cuts or accidents yet lol. It's been there at least a year. Never even thought about it being dangerous πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ good luck everyone!

  2. Posted by bscharris, — Reply

    I had a grater up like this with an embroidered seasonal tea towel hung on the handle, and cinnamon sticks or something seasonal in the top. I used a plastic container squished inside to hold items and it would only go so far down.

  3. Posted by scbackporchdesigns, — Reply

    its basically like teaching your kid/adult not to touch a hot stove.....DUH they should know not to touch the sharp part. I have 4 kids ages 13-1 and have had one hanging beside my sink for atleast a year, they know to dry their hands with the bottom part (towel) theres no reason to even touch the grater.

  4. Posted by texastalking, — Reply

    It's for decoration... you don't actually use the towel. It's super cute! You can even add greenery in the top at Christmas time!

  5. Posted by bessbowers, — Reply

    Really... how about a big sharp saw to hold your towel . Sorry, rusty sharp saw. Don't forget the mandolin soap dish.

  6. Posted by pugnut1999, — Reply

    Just use it to dry hands; only take off to exchange dirty for clean. I love it and will use it in my kitchen!

  7. Posted by jordanbn, — Reply

    Looks cute, but then you grate the heck out of your fingers reaching for the towel while not looking!

  8. Posted by dlwallace1949, — Reply

    This would be dangerous! Scraped knuckles reaching for towels. Cute, but what a stupid idea!

  9. Posted by destinygil, — Reply

    Cheese grater for a towel holder Lol πŸ˜‚ WTF ?? What’s next ?? A spaghetti strainer as a plant 🌱 holder....

  10. Posted by jastevens61, — Reply

    I think this is not practical, scraped, bleeding knuckles for sure.

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