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30 Funny Memes Of The Day To Make Your Laugh


  1. Posted by samguckian, — Reply

    Yeah, this is true for a lot of things. Eventually I came back with the fact that all food is derived from dirt and sunlight, so if you're going to use those rules, eat some dirt.

  2. Posted by lia_foiii, — Reply

    yes exactly. ketchup and pasta sauce are great. diced tomatoes in soups and stews are acceptable too but they’re on thin ice

  3. Posted by gracebalena, — Reply

    i hate tomatoes, but salsa, ketchup, pasta/spaghetti sauce are awesome and i love them. hOWEVER if you think you can get away with putting tomatoes in my sALAD YOU ARE DEAD WRONG MY FRIEND

  4. Posted by leavingamer, — Reply

    tomatoes/ketchup, cucumbers/pickles, peanuts/peanut butter, potatoes/fries, hazelnut/nutella...why do you ask as if you have no taste buds of your own?

  5. Posted by suns4roses, — Reply

    It's like people don't understand. Tomatoes are different from ketchup. They taste different. Ketchup is processed with added ingredients, including spices.

  6. Posted by bekahboo1202, — Reply

    Some of y’all who don’t like tomatoes have never had a farm fresh deep red ripe tomatoes straight from the garden and you’ve only had the normal red store bought ones (which are nastaaay)

  7. Posted by cheyennearnold, — Reply

    Had a lady come in and asked to not have tomatoes on her sandwich cuz she didn't like um and at the end asked if we had ketchup though and I was like wtf

  8. Posted by lvelvetj78, — Reply

    Interesting comments. I did not realize there are so many people who have aversion to tomatoes and/or tomato-based products, but would eat the opposite. Example: no fresh tomatoes, but they'll eat ketchup, or no raw tomatoes, but they'll eat them cooked, etc.

  9. Posted by giuliapedettz, — Reply

    To me is the total opposite like, I like tomatoes but I hate ketchup, you could put tomatoes as a sauce on pizza, spaghetti, pasta, lasagne, it’s whatever but I actively HATE ketchup

  10. Posted by SheylaSanchezzz, — Reply

    I swear I’m not being petty but I Fr GAG trying to eat a tomato😂my mom thinks I do it on purpose or I’m extra just so I don’t have to eat it but SHE DIESNT UNDERSTAND. The smell alone makes me Gag like about to throw up 🤢 😂😂😂

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