20 Funny Quotes of The Day And Hilarious Sayings About Life


Here's a little support - in the form of 20 funny quotes of the day and hilarious sayings about life. Because real life often has a lot of real stresses.


  1. Posted by worldwidequotez, — Reply

    I don't think that works if you are robbing a bank

  2. Posted by shinrouhanahaki, — Reply

    I tried it, the poor child (my cousin) believed me and cried

  3. Posted by zohal05, — Reply

    nO kArEn I CaNt

  4. Posted by Miofratello, — Reply

    I'm finally able to be seen!

  5. Posted by matthewpickren, — Reply

    Don't fuck tjem

  6. Posted by cacadorsi654, — Reply

    Ima do that

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